What is beauty?

“What is beauty?” By this question first thing comes to my mind is-…It’s something we all have inside of us, perhaps a light that is so powerful great which helps us to see outer world so beautifully. But that’s only my deliberation.

There’s possibly a hundreds or a thousands definitions of Beauty if you search, certainly many of us receive the explanation of “Beauty” in a wrong way.

Most of us imagine a flawless face or a look when it comes to beauty. But without any doubt nobody is flawless or perfect. Everyone has the need of something, yet no one is devoid of a good quality.

Now, anybody can look perfect or attractive in a photograph, or a person who looks so pretty or charming in appearance, not necessarily knows how to use the qualities that is present in every each of us that can be used for a good cause & reason.

True beauty lies in a person’s good deed’s, manners & activities. Its reflects in our personalities.

If we look closely to ourselves we all have some different advantages that we never knew or never discovered. And if we are in search of the “Beauty” we can simply explore ourselves.

Surely a thing or a person that pleases the aesthetic senses called beauty. Yet, it doesn’t have to always mean the outer look or appearance of a person. Beauty is a mind or a heart that full of care & kindness, Beauty is the confidence to feel who you are, Beauty is an excellent quality that helps others to feel beautiful & happy, Beauty is the sense that brings deep satisfaction to feel happiness.

Everyone in this world has the power of Beauty or in other word no one doesn’t have this valuable gift. It’s just some of us fear to show it or should I say some of us have the lack of confidence to feel who we are.

Undoubtedly Almighty made us all so wonderfully & sent us with a number of qualities, and beauty is nothing but combination of some qualities that we all have inside of us.